Looping Through Jails

by J. Edward Durrett

When working with a large number of Jails on FreeBSD, it makes sense to
automate as much as possible. The simple small script below rotates
through a list of jails, converts the jail name to a numerical jail id
and then executes the specified script:

set path_to_script =  
set NAMEJAILS =( ) 
foreach n ($NAMEJAIL) 
  set jjid = ( `jls -j $n jid` ) 
  echo $jjid 
  jexec $jjid $path_to_script 

It is important to use the jail id, rather than the name, as a possible
race could occur from the time the jail is looked up and the command
gets executed inside the jail. This is documented in the manual for

This simple script can be built upon, saving hours of administration

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